Cocoa and Honey wonderment….

Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate Bars Artisan Made in Small Batche

Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate Bars Artisan Made in Small Batches


We cannot stop staring at these stunningly beautiful artisanal chocolates.  Anything that looks this amazing has to just be too delicious to eat. But we’re all willing to try, aren’t we?  Heather Oliveira’s career as a professional cook and pastry chef took a sweet turn to Chococatier and we’re thinking she should never look back.

Here’s an excerpt from her etsy shop profile. We’re getting the camera ready…

I joke with my regulars about having a candid camera around when people try my chocolates for the first time. A lot of double takes, a lot of amazing smiles and sometimes embarrassed laughter. It’s amazing how one bite can create so many emotions.

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Based in Halifax, Cocoa and Honey currently ships to Canada and the United States.

Chocolate Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Gift Box | etsy

Chocolate Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Gift Box | etsy

Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate Bars Artisan Made in Small Batches

Wallpaper Revival from Mini Moderns UK

Darjeeling Wallpaper - Welsh Slate

Darjeeling Wallpaper | mini moderns

There’s a wallpaper revival going on. We all know that when you try to sell your house one day, your realtor will winge and wail, but, whatever! Enjoy the pop of fun in your home a striking pattern can make.  And if you’re feeling a bit skiddish about the commitment (and if you’re renting, you should feel more than skiddish) you can find other ways to incorporate patterns into your walls like lining the inside of a focal bookshelf, armoire, entertainment center, etc.  Sidepoint: this would be crazy easy BEFORE you put an otherwise boring big-box unit together.

Mini Moderns Logo

Mini Moderns is an online store that fashions its prints with water-based inks on sustainable paper. They also carry textiles, bedding, and lovely mugs. Free wallpaper delivery within the UK. There is a lovely interview with Mini Moderns co-founder Keith Stephens in the always delighting Simple Things magazine and, also uk-based, The Design Sheppard.

Paisley Crescent Wallpaper - Tangerine Dream

Paisley Crescent Wallpaper | mini moderns


Alice Wallpaper

Alice Wallpaper | mini moderns

Tickets Please Cushion

Tickets Please Cushion | mini moderns

Happy Girls Events

happy girl events

intimate weddings, stylish elopements. happy girl events


I cannot tell a lie. I know Happy Girls Events. And they are amazing.  When I first found out that my newly minted bestie styled weddings for a living I couldn’t wait to see her work. We’re talking about top-notch people here–and Happy is an understatement. Who wouldn’t want delightfully joyful style mavens to sculpt their perfect once-in-a-lifetime elopement? And their mission statement?

Intimate Weddings, Stylish Elopements.

Everything your wedding should be…nothing it shouldn’t.

I mean, seriously.

Hire them and get married already.

typeface infographic by Julian Hansen

Julian Hansen is a graphic designer from Copenhagen.  This infographic he’s created is a great tool for choosing fonts for projects or even just as a visual aid in explaining why some fonts work and some don’t, given the situation—in the case of Comic Sans, we can say almost never ever ever.You can purchase this as a (really reasonably priced) poster for your workspace at Scribble On Everything.

Here’s some more of Julian’s classic style from his portfolio:

Branding for Palæo restaurant in Denmark.

Branding for Margit Melissa Klinder organic skin care


Philadelphia: National Society of The Colonial Dames of America

The primary mission of the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America to preserve local and national heritage through preservation of historic properties, conservation, and education. With deep roots to the colonial times, the NSCDAPA uses these and other means to promote respect for those who lived and worked before the major historical milestones of 1776.

All this in mind, what a gorgeous place to get married!

Sneaking a peek before the big reveal | studio trejo

The staff at NSCDA is lovely, as they are at another location (Washington, DC) that we’ve had the honor to visit. As their mission is to preserve and promote respect, it’s really the perfect place for your most special of days. Located on Latimer Street, off Rittenhouse, this little gem stays hidden from view. One really feels transported after stepping through those gates. Especially since just across the way is a fantastic pub for working out those pre-wedding jitters!

Held back from the awesome Black Sheep Pub | studio trejo photography

Held back from the awesome Black Sheep Pub | studio trejo photography


Gazing down on the garden from up above | studio trejo photography

Charming backdrop for group portraits | studio trejo photography

Adorable ring bearer and flower girl heading down the brick path | studio trejo

The arch, the gate, the trees…just a beautiful garden setting | studio trejo photography