brilliant pantry makeover {house of smiths}

kitchen pantry finished | house of smiths

In our post about wallpaper, we talked about how a pattern could really add interest to otherwise boring shelving. Well, check out this pantry makeover from House of Smiths.  What we love about this is that using this super awesome quatrefoil technique, you can choose any base color to work with to get a truly amazing look.  The original post is from 2010, but we’re thinking that’s a good thing because we still love it. Classic! Check out the project and others on the blog, and while you’re at it, read up on Creating With the Stars which promises to be a pretty fab and creative competition with help from the team at Martha Stewart. House of Smiths’ Shelly will be one of the stars that contestants will be paired up with to work on dazzling design projects for great exposure and prizes.  If you’re a DIY blogger, you might want to check it out–entry via link-up starts March 3.

kitchen pantry in process

Wallpaper Revival from Mini Moderns UK

Darjeeling Wallpaper - Welsh Slate

Darjeeling Wallpaper | mini moderns

There’s a wallpaper revival going on. We all know that when you try to sell your house one day, your realtor will winge and wail, but, whatever! Enjoy the pop of fun in your home a striking pattern can make.  And if you’re feeling a bit skiddish about the commitment (and if you’re renting, you should feel more than skiddish) you can find other ways to incorporate patterns into your walls like lining the inside of a focal bookshelf, armoire, entertainment center, etc.  Sidepoint: this would be crazy easy BEFORE you put an otherwise boring big-box unit together.

Mini Moderns Logo

Mini Moderns is an online store that fashions its prints with water-based inks on sustainable paper. They also carry textiles, bedding, and lovely mugs. Free wallpaper delivery within the UK. There is a lovely interview with Mini Moderns co-founder Keith Stephens in the always delighting Simple Things magazine and, also uk-based, The Design Sheppard.

Paisley Crescent Wallpaper - Tangerine Dream

Paisley Crescent Wallpaper | mini moderns


Alice Wallpaper

Alice Wallpaper | mini moderns

Tickets Please Cushion

Tickets Please Cushion | mini moderns