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The Felt Tote

Amber Jensen designs and makes all of  Sketchbook Crafts’ products by hand.  Sketchbook has struck the elusive balance between urban and woodsy, sophisticated and effortless.  Take a gander at Sketchbook’s simple, complicated, stunning designs on the website and also at various stockists about town.

The Felt Tote

Rust Convertible Clutch


Handmade in Philadelphia: Chanee Vijay Textiles

Aya pillow cover

Aya pillow cover. Hand printed, metallic ink, organic hemp.

Great talent is always a click away on etsy ever since community features were added to let us all share our favorites and treasures. So here in our feed today is this great work from Chanee Vijay’s etsy shop, Chanee Vijay Textiles. Her work is stunning, well edited, classic, modern but not so chic as to be untouchable. We want these pillows for art and cuddles.  Not to be missed are her other textile work (napkins, table runners, and the like) available also in select dazzling brick-and-mortars.

Lumbar pillow

Lumbar pillow. hand printed, metallic gold, slate blue, organic hemp | etsy

feather block print, white organic hemp | etsy

From Chanee’s website:

“Specializing in surface pattern design, she developed her signature style of painting her designs on screens and hand printing them with water-based metallic inks on sustainably grown fabrics with rich natural textures. Her pillow covers are removable and washable, and made in small batches. Chanee subscribes to a slow design philosophy, so each hand-pulled screenprint and blockprint is created with regard for our health, the environment and longevity.”

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As sold in Terrain | Glenn Mills, PA


Repeating Pattern | BHG January 2014




fotoapparat and other fun words

Old cameras

photo by Olga Filonenko

Check out this awesome blog of practical Russian vocabulary. This is an excerpt from the lesson on photography but there are plenty more parsed out by subject/situation. Love it!

“Whether you shoot selfies by the bathroom mirror, take snapshots of your family at picnics, or do professional photoshoots, chances are you deal with photography in your life. When learning languages, we often chase the practical, “everyday” vocabulary, so arts and crafts tend to fall by the wayside. Let us go over some phrases that will let you talk about your photography!” 

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Ukraine, not The Ukraine

Ukraine's language divide. Data source: 2001 national census. (Laris Karklis/Washington Post)

Ukraine’s language divide. Data source: 2001 national census. (Laris Karklis/Washington Post)

Ukraine is in the news quite a bit these days. Do you know :

  • It’s not The Ukraine, it’s just Ukraine.
  • Ukraine is about the size of Texas but with twice as many people.
  • What’s all the fuss about? Why are there protests and riots?

READ THIS helpful article from the Washington Post, 9 questions about Ukraine you were too embarrassed to ask.

Smitten by Bisontine mittens!

Who wouldn’t be smitten by these Bisontine fingerless mittens? Learn to make them at this fab website, Ravelry. Download this pattern for free and check out all the other wonders from the talents of La Maison Rillie, who also has a blog, Knitting Therapy, which I’m certain is worthy of its own post!

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typeface infographic by Julian Hansen

Julian Hansen is a graphic designer from Copenhagen.  This infographic he’s created is a great tool for choosing fonts for projects or even just as a visual aid in explaining why some fonts work and some don’t, given the situation—in the case of Comic Sans, we can say almost never ever ever.You can purchase this as a (really reasonably priced) poster for your workspace at Scribble On Everything.

Here’s some more of Julian’s classic style from his portfolio:

Branding for Palæo restaurant in Denmark.

Branding for Margit Melissa Klinder organic skin care