Smitten by Bisontine mittens!

Who wouldn’t be smitten by these Bisontine fingerless mittens? Learn to make them at this fab website, Ravelry. Download this pattern for free and check out all the other wonders from the talents of La Maison Rillie, who also has a blog, Knitting Therapy, which I’m certain is worthy of its own post!

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typeface infographic by Julian Hansen

Julian Hansen is a graphic designer from Copenhagen.  This infographic he’s created is a great tool for choosing fonts for projects or even just as a visual aid in explaining why some fonts work and some don’t, given the situation—in the case of Comic Sans, we can say almost never ever ever.You can purchase this as a (really reasonably priced) poster for your workspace at Scribble On Everything.

Here’s some more of Julian’s classic style from his portfolio:

Branding for Palæo restaurant in Denmark.

Branding for Margit Melissa Klinder organic skin care


Elena Shumilova


Elena Shumilova | flickr

Absolutely stunning images from Russian photographer, Elena Shumilova.  There is so much more of her breathtaking work in her portfolio. Her stunning images of her sons and their menagerie of pets–as ridiculously gorgeous as their human family–are simply magical and not even the slightest bit twee (not that there’s anything wrong with twee). Just can’t get enough. Hurry over and see her work at her flickr.

Elena Shumilova | flickr

Elena Shumilova | flickr

Elena Shumilova | flickr



elle moss

Elle Moss is a  fine art photographer from Saline, Michigan. Elle’s photographs have an ethereal, dreamy quality reminiscent of silent films. You can find Elle’s work in her etsy shop in the form of luscious prints and pillows. Here are a few selections:


The Butterfly Releaser



Vintage Spring Blooms


Run Away With Me


Philadelphia: National Society of The Colonial Dames of America

The primary mission of the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America to preserve local and national heritage through preservation of historic properties, conservation, and education. With deep roots to the colonial times, the NSCDAPA uses these and other means to promote respect for those who lived and worked before the major historical milestones of 1776.

All this in mind, what a gorgeous place to get married!

Sneaking a peek before the big reveal | studio trejo

The staff at NSCDA is lovely, as they are at another location (Washington, DC) that we’ve had the honor to visit. As their mission is to preserve and promote respect, it’s really the perfect place for your most special of days. Located on Latimer Street, off Rittenhouse, this little gem stays hidden from view. One really feels transported after stepping through those gates. Especially since just across the way is a fantastic pub for working out those pre-wedding jitters!

Held back from the awesome Black Sheep Pub | studio trejo photography

Held back from the awesome Black Sheep Pub | studio trejo photography


Gazing down on the garden from up above | studio trejo photography

Charming backdrop for group portraits | studio trejo photography

Adorable ring bearer and flower girl heading down the brick path | studio trejo

The arch, the gate, the trees…just a beautiful garden setting | studio trejo photography

The Art of Eric Tan

Eric Tanner | graphic artist

We’re pretty much in love with vintage posters no matter what. But, truth be told, much of the products, services, and entertainment they advertise are absolutely foreign to us because they are before our time. Also because sometimes they’re in another language you do not speak or understand (Oh, why are you advertising that on your walls? Big fan of oppression?).

Anyway, Eric Tanner is an artist who’s really rocking this vintage poster party in a way that most of us that adore the genre can understand. Check out Eric’s blog and portfolio!

Eric Tanner | graphic artist